Coal Storage- A solution to Spontaneous Combustion

Barrel Vault Coal StorageCoal storage is done in large quantities and requires stacking in open areas. ‘Production in mild climatic condition and market it in winter season’, ‘Feed the thermal power stations continuously’ are some of the key reasons for coal storage, which we understand the most. Although many issues encountered in bulk storage but in case of storing coal, combustibility comes as a special case and need cautious treatment.

The Spontaneous Combustion of coal in the coal storage is serious issue now a days due to global warming and other exothermic processes such as microbial metabolism, oxidation at low temperature, absorption & desorption of water by virtue of differences between real and equilibrium moisture content in coal and air. These above processes largely contribute to spontaneous combustion of coal.


How coal storage sheds helpful in solving the problem of Spontaneous Combustion?

Lignite Storage
Barrel Vault Coal Storage

The Following points will clarify the importance of our sheds in solving the above-discussed issue:

  • Our Coal storage sheds are made in such way to prevail cross ventilation at very corner inside it. Good cross ventilation of air across the storage sheds helps in the prevention of heat accumulation and thereby helpful in keeping self-heating of coal away from the plant.
  • The covering keeps the environment of the Captive thermal power plant inside shed cool not only to avoid spontaneous combustion of coal but also create suitable temperature for efficient working of staff.
  • Coal combustion can also be avoided by proper rotation of coal in power plant which needs maximum storage space.  In an ability to cater maximum Space for storing coal, our team also has expertise in making hemi-spherical hollow structure, used as roofing, known as Dome structure since dome shape provides us more space than any other structural shape per unit area by 30%.
  • Moreover, use of automatic fire extinguishers systems and dust proof electrical wiring systems will add additional security to the power plant, if there occur any chance of coal combustion.


We at Hindustan Alcox Limited pay special attention towards adhering to the highest standards of quality. We offer complete solutions right from the design to the erection phase to ensure creation of coal storage sheds that are not only compatible with client needs but also offer the assurance of long life and great functionality.


– Hindustan Alcox Limited, Delhi

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