How to Covering Existing Stockpiles of Coal

Coal Stockpile in open area

Do you want to know the best way to cover your existing stockpile of coal or limestone

Open air stockpiles are a common view around the globe, and stockpile operators businessperson are seeking ways to cover their piles from rain, fluctuating temperatures and cyclone. This natural instance can decrease inventories and affect the chemical composition of raw materials and efficiency.

But more importantly, manufacturers across various sectors are focused on the environmental impact of uncovered piles. Dust emissions, environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution and contaminated runoff can affect surrounding vegetation, communities and wildlife. With new environmental regulations across the world, covering existing stockpiles will be a requirement. Eco-friendly initiatives include the design and installation of long span storage solutions that help stockpile operators tread more softly.

stockpile in open area
stockpile in open area

The goal is to seamlessly connect bulk storage and materials handling solutions with mining, cement, fertilizer and power generation operations. Of course, manufacturers want to cover their stockpiles, if only covering existing stockpiles was easy.  Most of them were not designed to be covered and the mere thought of doing it sounds impossible without downtime and extremely high costs.

Challenges in Covering Existing Stockpiles

Conventional building systems have limitations and simply cannot accommodate covering large spans

  • Corrosive marine environment
  • Brutal slopes
  • Typhoon winds
  • Hazardous and combustible raw material
  • Punishing snow loads

As a stop gap measure, stockyard operators have tried storing raw materials in silos, which are small, expensive and often impractical. A long term solution was needed, and Alcox have an all-terrain application designed specifically for industries that handle large volume bulk materials.

Benefits of Alcox’s Bulk Storage Shed

We offer economical and efficient bulk storage options while lowering lifetime maintenance costs through excellent long span design, cladding options and safety accessories.

coal storage shed
coal storage shed

Other benefits of Covering Existing Stockpiles

  • Save 30% to 40% cost compared to conventional structures
  • Fast Erection without interrupting the plant functionality
  • Wide spans up to 150 meters
  • Customized as per requirement

Domes can be built from the perimeter up with simultaneous installation of dome and stacker/reclaimer equipment. No secondary structure is required for cladding.

Why Hindustan Alcox?


Our company is pioneer in specialised steel structures  and space frame manufacturers with over 20 years vast experience in Airports (22 Airports till date), power projects and other high quantum projects. We do complete design, fabrication and installation in house, we do not believe in sub contracting. Please see our website for more details

The question is, “What can Alcox build for you?” To learn more about our bulk storage solutions, please inquire below.


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