Quality Coal Storage – A Boon To Potential Power Generation


Bulk Storage Dome
Bulk Storage Dome

Now-a-days, Being the biggest source of energy the share of coal for electricity generation is raised. Coal storage plays crucial role in producing global energy, especially for power generation, but there is need to use it efficiently. An efficient thermal power plant consumes less coal and discharges less poisonous gases like Carbon-di-oxide, Carbon monoxide etc.

The following points will ensure how quality coal storage responsible for potential power generation:

Lignite Storage
Bulk Storage Shed
  • Coal storage and handling should be managed in such way to prevail cross ventilation at very corner inside it to prevent heat accumulation as well as reduce the chances of spontaneous combustion of coal. This enhances potential power generation and reduces the coal consumption.


  • Since coal is highly susceptible to moisture, coal storage inside Coal dome provide best protection against moisture and rainy weather. This maintains the efficiency of coal to produce power.


  • By proper rotation of coal under storage shed, we can keep coal effective to feed to boiler and in turn maximize power generation. In an ability to cater maximum Space for storing coal, our team also has expertise in making hemi-spherical hollow structure, used as roofing, known as Dome structure.


  • Use of automatic fire extinguishers systems and dust proof electrical wiring systems will add additional security to the power plant, if there occur any chance of coal combustion.


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