Sulphur Storage: Factors affecting losses during its storage & handling

Sulphur Storage:

Large quantities of sulphur are transported, stored, handled & comsumed as an additive in cement industry. Various storage methods are required to ensure that the sulphur is not contaminated & it doesn’t damage equipment from corrosion, fires, etc. The stored sulphur usually exist in larger pieces & posses many sharp edges due to irregularity in shapes which can be easily broken into its smaller particles.

Factors affecting losses of sulphur during its storage & handling:

Being a brittle material, sulphur is easily degraded during its handling procedures. Minimum Losses will occur during the loading/unloading, transportation of sulphur due to the creation of airborne dust. The losses that occurs during its handling depends upon the following factors:

  • Form of sulphur being handled
  • Ambient Environmental conditions (i.e. wind speed and direction)
  • Handling procedures/methods
  • Exposure to air, sunlight and rain


sulphur dome

Indoor bulk storage of sulphur is recommeded in order to minimize losses and contamination of sulphur. One of the premier and well-versed entity as sulphur storage shed manufacturer in india, Hindustan Alcox Limited has a vast experience of 30 years in creating sulphur dome & suphur storage shed. Providing storage & handling of sulphur storage, these world-class structures minimizes the issues to be faced in storage & handling of its bulk storage.
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