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Space Frame Structure

Increase in technical competence as well as growing demand for aesthetically designed structures has led the widespread emergence of space frame structures. With great structural strength and aesthetics, these space structures have been recognised for their outstanding performance around the globe. Offering efficient utilization of space, these innovative structures are highly precise steel structures incorporating freedom of geometry. Space frames offer versatility of shape as well as complex geometries comprising structural weight lower than other structures.

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The scope of space frame structures is wide, although always lies within the scope of light-weight structures. The applications of space frame structures are Sports Premises of all types, Sports stadiums, Exhibition halls, Auditoriums, commercial and industrial structures, etc.

The extremely robust, structurally sound, economical and versatile construction of space structures is fit for providing the perfect building solution for the most structurally challenging projects. As a leading space frame and space frame components manufacturer in India, Hindustan Alcox limited provides space frame solution that satisfies the overall requirements of quality, safety, speed of construction, and economy.

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